Morning Ritual: Positive Reading that cultivates Soul Pupose

Each and every morning is an opportunity to start not just our day, but our LIFE fresh and new. Not only do we NOT have to be the same people we were yesterday, we are not the same people we were yesterday. While we slept at night, millions of cells in our body died and were replaced with new editions, our hormones shifted, tissues adaped, muscles formed, neuro synapses connected, and new bio-chemisty was formulated.

But if we are not the same people, why do we go on continuuing the same cycles, patterns, and habits as the day before?

Well, for most people, one of the first things they do when they wake up is check their phone… and by checking their phone they start to tune into all of the relationships, drama, and stories of the PAST. They are then instantly reminded of their old history cycles and patterns, then continue the day following all of the same habits and behaviors THOT FLASH! Dont look at your dang phone!

Instead, begin the day with a morning ritual that is designed to re-align you with your soul purpose. Start with performing your daily morning movement routine and then indulge in a book that cultivates mental positivity (yes, a real live book with actual pages).

If what we think, we become, then it’s time to start thinking about some amazing things! Read books that highlight what is right in the world instead of wrong. Read something that let’s you know that your body is a beautiful self healing organism. Read something that demonstrates that LOVE has the power to shift consciousness.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of my faves.





Until next time, blessings of connection,

Dr. Brett Jones