Morning Ritual: Daily Movement/Exercise

“In order to comply with the Law of Movement, every moveable joint must get sufficient movement every day.” Thurman Fleet – Rays of the Dawn

We are human beings designed to MOVE! In fact, new studies are now being published that compare the similar trends between sitting and smoking. Yes, inactivity and a sedentary lifetyle are now being compared to the harmful effects of SMOKING.


What we don’t use, we lose. If we wish to maintain a certain level of fitness and joint mobility, we must perform some daily upkeep and “joint lubrication.” Just as the Tin Man began to rust when he ran out of oil, our joints will start to inflame and degenerate if we give them no motion!


So what should I do for daily motion? And how does this help create a morning ritual of excellence?

Body movement does not need to be intense, performed in a group setting, or make you feel like you need to throw up, in order to be effective. When we talk about creating general motion in joints, a routine as simple as the one I will show you in “Basic Body Movement w/ Dr. J” can be more than efficient at helping spark that oil of life.

We perform some type of movement during our morning ritual because it helps prep and prime us for meditation. By putting exercise into the muscles we draw energy and blood flow from the brain which allows us to drop out of the conscious mind and begin to tap into SUBconscious mind. It’s when we reach the SUBconscious mind that we can begin to re-wire our cycles, patterns, and habits to be assets in serving our life’s purpose and mission.

Next week we will discuss the second step for creating a morning ritual of excellence. Until then, blessings of connection,

Dr. Brett Jones