Morning Ritual: Positive Reading that cultivates Soul Pupose

Each and every morning is an opportunity to start not just our day, but our LIFE fresh and new. Not only do we NOT have to be the same people we were yesterday, we are not the same people we were yesterday. While we slept at night, millions of cells in our body died and were replaced with new editions, our hormones shifted, tissues adaped, muscles formed, neuro synapses connected, and new bio-chemisty was formulated.

But if we are not the same people, why do we go on continuuing the same cycles, patterns, and habits as the day before?

Well, for most people, one of the first things they do when they wake up is check their phone… and by checking their phone they start to tune into all of the relationships, drama, and stories of the PAST. They are then instantly reminded of their old history cycles and patterns, then continue the day following all of the same habits and behaviors THOT FLASH! Dont look at your dang phone!

Instead, begin the day with a morning ritual that is designed to re-align you with your soul purpose. Start with performing your daily morning movement routine and then indulge in a book that cultivates mental positivity (yes, a real live book with actual pages).

If what we think, we become, then it’s time to start thinking about some amazing things! Read books that highlight what is right in the world instead of wrong. Read something that let’s you know that your body is a beautiful self healing organism. Read something that demonstrates that LOVE has the power to shift consciousness.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of my faves.





Until next time, blessings of connection,

Dr. Brett Jones


Morning Ritual: Daily Movement/Exercise

“In order to comply with the Law of Movement, every moveable joint must get sufficient movement every day.” Thurman Fleet – Rays of the Dawn

We are human beings designed to MOVE! In fact, new studies are now being published that compare the similar trends between sitting and smoking. Yes, inactivity and a sedentary lifetyle are now being compared to the harmful effects of SMOKING.


What we don’t use, we lose. If we wish to maintain a certain level of fitness and joint mobility, we must perform some daily upkeep and “joint lubrication.” Just as the Tin Man began to rust when he ran out of oil, our joints will start to inflame and degenerate if we give them no motion!


So what should I do for daily motion? And how does this help create a morning ritual of excellence?

Body movement does not need to be intense, performed in a group setting, or make you feel like you need to throw up, in order to be effective. When we talk about creating general motion in joints, a routine as simple as the one I will show you in “Basic Body Movement w/ Dr. J” can be more than efficient at helping spark that oil of life.

We perform some type of movement during our morning ritual because it helps prep and prime us for meditation. By putting exercise into the muscles we draw energy and blood flow from the brain which allows us to drop out of the conscious mind and begin to tap into SUBconscious mind. It’s when we reach the SUBconscious mind that we can begin to re-wire our cycles, patterns, and habits to be assets in serving our life’s purpose and mission.

Next week we will discuss the second step for creating a morning ritual of excellence. Until then, blessings of connection,

Dr. Brett Jones

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Morning Ritual: The Formula

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Human nature is cyclic. We tend to live our lives in a series of patterns and habits. These habits can either be an asset to help us fulfill our life’s purpose, or be a continuous liability. The problem with trying to change our cyclic behavior is that it is mainly controlled by our SUBconscious mind (ScM).The ScM is the involuntary part of our mind that is conditioned and programmed from our past life experiences, belief systems, and relationships. According to many lead researchers in neurology, by the time we reach the age of 35, 95% of our daily actions, attitudes, and behaviors are run by our ScM. This means the majority of our life is being dictated by a part of our mind that we have little to no control of!

The part of our mind that WE DO have control of is our conscious mind (CM). Our CM is responsible for voluntary decision-making and our current state of awareness. It is also responsible for our creativity and ability to generate new ideas.

The dilemma that then presents itself is, even if our CM can generate new ideas and we can have the will to put them into action, our ScM is running the show with cycles, patterns, and habits that can keep us stuck in the past. So how do we begin to take control? How do we break patterns that are a liability to the evolution of our soul?


One of the best “life hacks” I know to help re-program the ScM is the utilization of a solid morning ritual. The 3-step formula for creating a morning ritual is as follows:

Body Movement/Exercise
Positive reading that cultivates Soul Purpose

In my next 3 blogs, I will provide a basic guide to performing each of these 3-steps with excellence.

Until next time, blessings of connection,
Dr. Brett Jones


Morning Ritual: The Intro

Wake Up… I mean think about waking up… lay in bed instead and check the social media game… Ok, now get up for real… TINKLE… begin the rushed whirlwind… shower, brush, spit… let the external appearance determine mood… feel the anxiety and insecurity start to bubble up… boost any lack of energy and confidence with food or drank… locate keys… BIGGITY BOUNCE.

Welcome to dis-connection. Welcome to chaos. Welcome to my bad habits. Welcome to my past morning routine.

Before I began a ‘near perfect’ morning ritual, my old workweek morning routines were something I dreaded. It took every bit of willpower I had just to drag my carcass out of bed…. then I would hesitatingly “Bernie” my way through the rest of the getting ready process.


There was no inner drive… there was no purpose. I got up, to get up. I went to work, to go to work. And I did it the next day to do it again, just to do it again.

This cyclic behavior continued until one day, Boom! A thought flash entered my consciousness like a lightning storm. A question began to stain my mind… “Is this the life I was destined for?”

The answer, a definitive NO.

Most of us believe that we are born special. Then sooner or later life hits and we find ourselves doing what is needed just to get by. We lose faith in our vision. We lose faith in our dreams. We lose faith in ourselves… We stop taking risks and we start playing small. “Small things” begin to overwhelm us, further dis-connecting us from LIFE and from who we really are… We end up so lost in the trees that we can’t see the forest.

However, lost things always have the potential of being found. The question that once stained my mind would eventually drive me to study life philosophy, healing principles, and the dynamic capacity of human beings. What I came to realize is that WE CAN always bounce back! Even if we feel as though may have hit rock bottom, a TURN AROUND is always RIGHT AROUND the corner. That which was special in us at birth, never left us, It stayed on the job as innate intelligence, as an innate power within that controls and directs all of the functions of our body without us ever even having to think about it. This Innate is responsible for regulating the beat of our heart, pounding of our lungs, and churn of our stomaches. It has the wisdom to grow a baby from 2 cells to 70 trillion without any external education. Innate replaces millions of sick and dying cells every minute with healthy cells made from the food we had for lunch. This INNATE, oh it’s special alright… it’s the abundance of Universal Intelligence within the flesh of mankind!

Until I dived deep into spirituality, I used to think God was a man in the sky. I used to think that Source was something completely separate from me. I would like to take a moment to assure you, that an honest study of philosophy, religion, and theology will lead one to an understanding that the true location of God is within! Just as a cup water taken out of the ocean is still part of the ocean, we are part of the universe and the universe is part of us.

Once one can truly comprehend that there is a manifesting power within, one will also understand the importance of engaging in practices that cultivate deeper levels of connection to it. The first practice that I would like share with you is the near perfect morning ritual…. Which I will share with you, next week.

Until next time, blessings of connection,

Dr. Brett Jones