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Considered one of the most progressive chiropractors in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Brett Jones is dedicated to giving, loving and serving his community with the chiropractic adjustment and the chiropractic principle.

After the tragic and sudden death of his brother at a young age and a collegiate football career in which Dr. Brett witnessed first hand the destructive path of prescription drug abuse and the medical model options. Looking for an alternative Dr. Brett gained a thirst for knowledge and a tireless commitment to mastery. He has trained in MLS, Professional Applied Kinesiology, Bio Geometric Integration, Upper Cervical Knee Chest and Webster technique for pregnant women to name a few.

He is extremely passionate about making an impact and connecting with the Oakland community through programs such as Leadership Oakland, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, and BUILD-an entrepreneurship program geared to excite and inspire disengaged, low-income high school students. Dr. Brett Jones was also recently interviewed on KBCW’s show “Black Renaissance” where he got a chance to share how chiropractic can benefit the Bay Area community. He connects genuinely as a partner in the health and well being of the people he serves.

As the co-founder of the world’s largest chiropractic performance training program Dr. Brett shares his commitment to his patients with his commitment to helping chiropractors around the world better train their craft.

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Dr. Jordan Fairley is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West. Dr. Jordan sees a wide range of athletic families while specializing in endurance athletes, Dr. Jordan developed his love for optimizing human performance as a collegiate and post collegiate distance runner. Dr. Jordan raced in multiple NCAA Championships while competing for California State University, Chico.

After a heartbreaking hamstring injury in the NCAA championships and a near fatal car accident Jordan became disconnected from himself, his friends, loved ones, and his passions in life.

With the subtlety of an artful chiropractic adjustment in Chico CA, Jordan turned his heartache into a passion for training the art of the chiropractic adjustment to connect the disconnected, empower families to take control of their health and help athletes improve human performance while decreasing injury rates.

Dr. Jordan’s mission is to encourage and facilitate health guided decisions through artful chiropractic adjustments and health seminars to connect families to themselves, their communities, and their envirjordan sillyonment. Dr. Jordan uses the same collegiate athlete mentality for training his profession to deliver the best chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Jordan knows there is no greater tool in the healthcare industry to reconnect people to a feeling of themselves, than a lightning fast, specific chiropractic adjustment, from a state of ease.

Dr. Jordan volunteers with local running groups including “Running for a better Oakland” which serves youth athletes and their families through mentorship and running. You can see Dr. Jordan running in the Oakland hills each week, around Lake Merritt and riding his bike as he now trains for triathlons.

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Dr. Darren Murphy – Family Chiropractor

Dr. Darren is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. Dr. Darren’s mission through chiropractic is to help people live more conscious, connected and fulfilled lives. With an emphasis on the nervous system, Dr. Darren approaches each patient uniquely, while helping each individual better connect with their bodies, minds and to the world around them. Coining the phrase “adjust the spine, adjust the mind,” Dr. Darren’s ultimate goal is help practice members improve neurological function, which can manifest in nearly every action of the body.

Darren’s passion for health and wellness began as a young adult, graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Psychology and Pre-Medical Studies. After becoming disillusioned by traditional medicine, Darren pursued an entrepreneurial career in the high-tech industry. While suffering spinal discomfort from long days staring at a computer, Dr. Darren began to see a chiropractor, finally uncovering his true passion for chiropractic healing.

Dr. Darren has been fortunate enough to connect with and learn from some of the nation’s most skilled practitioners, which now comprise his mentorship council, including Drs. Brett Jones, John Martinez, Jay Komarek, and Eric Rubin. With a laser-sharp focus on the true art of the adjustment, Darren seeks to move the nervous system from a state of tension to one of peace and adaptability. When not working with families and patients at The Source, Dr Darren can be found hiking the east bay hills, hitting up the beach for some sun and, from time to time, channeling inter-dimensional sun symbols. .darren silly


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