How Chiropractic Can Help Arthritis

first we need to understand what arthritis is!

Almost every day we have new patients tell us “doc, I found out I have arthritis.”

We are then asked, “How can chiropractic help my arthritis?”

We believe that it is important to understand what arthritis is, how it happens, and how chiropractic is your best bet to help slow down, and in many cases reverse the degenerative changes of arthritis.

The term Arthritis: arthro = Joint, -itis = Inflammation, is an inflammation within the joint caused by improper motion. This inflammation within the joints is the body’s natural response to improper movement. Over time this leads to decreased joint space, bone spurs, degeneration and pain.

A chiropractors job is to assess the function of the joints, put a proper, specific adjustment back into these misaligned or improperly moving joints in order to restore proper biomechanics and prevent the process from occurring in the first place…

Know someone with “Arthritis” let them know we are here to help!

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