Edward was brought to The Source Chiropractic at 8-months old with a severe torticollis that he had acquired as a strategy for him to STAY ALIVE…

As a baby, every time Edward would breast feed, milk would spill into his trachea causing him to suffocate due to a very rare condition called H-type tracheoesophageal atresia. This meant that his esophagus (food tube) and trachea (breath tube) had a connection that was not supposed to be there.

As a strategy, Edward learned that when he tilted his head to the left and rotated it to the right that he could breathe better.

Unfortunately, this head position over time, and the need to put his arms in restraints when a feeding tube was installed, caused compression of the nerves in his neck which lead to a significant decrease in function of his left arm and other neurological delays.

When Edward first entered The Source Chiropractic, he was unable to sit up on his own, had extreme spinal cord tension that would not allow him to lay on his back, was not able to lift his left arm above 70 degrees of flexion, his head was stuck in lateral flexion, and he was still experiencing signs of lung dysfunction (abnormal coughs and wheezing).

Within one week of chiropractic care, Edward started crawling. Within one month, his left arm strength came back. Within 3 months, he has begun standing on his own and is now taking steps around the office :)

Our hearts are overjoyed that Edward and his family FOUND THE HOPE AND CARE THEY WERE LOOKING FOR.

Please do not hesitate to share with a family you know that is looking for help, hope, and understanding.

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