Chiropractic, for more than just back pain, neck pain, and headaches… 
Dr. Lance von Stade shares (CLICK VIDEO) How Chiropractic Influences Sickness, Symptoms and Disease

The Big Picture of Health and how 3 types of STRESS lead to Pain, Symptoms and Disease. As Chiropractors in Oakland our focus is on finding the cause rather than treating the symptom.

A Super Simple Exercise for Neck Pain, Mid Back Pain and reducing Tension Headaches..(CLICK VIDEO) 
Dr. Jordan Fairley, chiropractor in our Oakland office, shares this simple ISOMETRIC neck exercise, perfect for people who experience neck pain, stiffness, compression and tension headaches.

This works to elongate the spine and strengthen the neck extensors while turning off the deep neck flexors which pull the head forward.

CrossFit Coach Gets Chiropractic Adjustment After Neck Injury

CrossFit Coach and competitor Jon Hanna gets immediate relief from severe neck pain after a visit with Dr. Jordan Fairley at our Oakland Chiropractic office location. Jon sustained a neck injury after bailing from a heavy squat. Jon who gets regular care at The Source Chiropractic in Oakland Ca with Dr. Jordan Fairley talks about how he uses chiropractic for improved performance and why he recommends it to all of his clients.

Jon who operates LaLanne CrossFit in San Francisco talks about how weekly chiropractic care helps him function and compete at a high level which is why he recommends chiropractic care to all of his clients.

Initial Exam and First Adjustment with Severe Hip Pain Patient

Dr. Brett walks us through what a first office visit looks like at the Source Chiropractic in Oakland. Aaron came into our office with severe hip pain which has restricted him from being able to walk normally and run.

The 3 Phases of Healing While Under Chiropractic Care… 
Dr. Brett Jones, owner and chiropractor in our Oakland office, shares with us the 3 Phases of Healing while under Chiropractic care…

Whether you come in with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, migraines or other expressions of health, there are three main healing phases our chiropractic patients experience throughout their functional care plans.

10-Minute Morning Movement Routine Video

Are you currently doing any active stretching, breathing or movement before starting your day?

What does every other animal in the animal kingdom do after they wake up?

They stretch!

We are the same way, we need to loosen up, lubricate and activate this body after spending 6-8 hours sleeping.

Give yourself 10 extra minutes in the morning and follow along, your body will thank you.

Research shows Chiropractic care BOOSTS your immune function (see video)

Immediately after a Chiropractic adjustment there is a HUGE increase in the chemicals which ramp up your bodies response to germs, bacteria, viruses and foreign invaders.

There is a direct communication between your nervous system and immune system.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence Dr. Jordan and Dr. Brett haven’t been sick in over 10 years…

“Doc, I’m sick I can’t come in.” We appreciate the concern, here is why we know chiropractic is a safe, natural and effective strategy to boosting your immune function..


Chris came into our Oakland Chiropractic office with severe neck pain, tingling and numbness into her arm and low back pain.

Chris was fed up with the medical, hospital system where she felt like she wasn’t getting any better or the care she deserved.

…In for her initial exam at the Source Chiropractic where it was found that she had a large distortion pattern in her neck and upper back from years of office work, this neck tightness and fixation in her spine was causing irritation to the nerve roots which exited her spine before going down into her arm.

After one month of care she had tremendous relief in her neck, and her low back pain and arm numbness was almost completely gone.

But what surprised her the most was she was able to get her 9 medications down to only 1 half dose of 1 medication!

A Chiropractic Miracle Story

Edward was brought to The Source Chiropractic at 8-months old with a severe torticollis that he had acquired as a strategy for him to STAY ALIVE…

Chiropractic Adjustment for IT Band Pain in Long Distance Runner by The Source Chiropractic>

Chiropractic Adjustment for IT Band Pain in a Long Distance Runner by The Source Chiropractic Dr. Jordan Fairley

IT Band Pain, pain in the knee, low back pain, hip pain, or plantar fasciitis can all be associated with restricted movement of the pelvis.

If there is unleveling, rotation, or restriction in the pelvis the body can develop compensation injuries over time.

Here Dr. Jordan assesses a distance runners hips, knee, tibia and fibula for proper motion which has helped this distance runner get rid of IT Band Pain.

Exercise and Foam Rolling For Sciatica (click here)

If there’s one thing chiropractic care is known to be helpful for it’s low back pain and sciatica.

People dealing with low back pain or sciatica want things we can do at home to complement the chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Jordan Fairley recommends this exercise to strengthen the posterior chain of muscles (the muscles on the back side of the body), low back and deep glute muscles. We also recommend this simple foam rolling technique to reduce the stress on the sciatic nerve caused by a contracted piriformis muscle.

One of the main contributors of compression to the sciatic nerve is having a tight piriformis muscle (see image below). As chiropractors we tend to find contraction of the piriformis muscle when a person’s sacrum (tail bone) is rotated and fixated (stuck). This can cause the surrounding muscles to become irritated and contracted, which will compress the sciatic nerve passing under it.

Dr. Jordan recommends this easy to do foam rolling technique for relieving piriformis tension.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to improve range of motion and space for the sciatic nerve as it passes from the lower lumbar spine (low back), past the sacrum before it travels under the piriformis and down the leg.

Chiropractic Ankle Adjustment and Pelvis For Low Back Pain

Dr. Brett Jones Oakland Chiropractor shares his chiropractic analysis and adjustment for this New Patient with low back pain.

After an ankle injury 21 years ago we can see how a chiropractor analyzes the body and spine, to best adjust the dysfunctional areas and create ease and better movement throughout her body.

The Source Chiropractic in Oakland prides itself on extensive knowledge of low back, sciatica, foot, ankle, knee, hip and other musculoskeletal complaints.

Many times after a specific, artful chiropractic adjustment people feel the need to express themselves in various ways.

The healing process can bring up a whole range of emotions and feelings. The Doctors at The Source Chiropractic have all trained extremely intensely through meditation, personal growth, non-violent communication and purposeful movement.

We have created a space that is safe, sacred, nonjudgmental, and honors the healing process.

Is It BAD to CRACK Your Own Neck? 
Why do I always feel like I have to “crack” my own neck and is it bad to crack my neck?

Many of us can feel achy, stiff, pain or tension in our necks which make us feel like we have to pop our neck, Dr. Jordan Fairley shares why you get this sensation and if it is good to continue to do this…


How to Foam Roll Your IT Band Properly to prevent thigh pain, IT Band Pain and knee pain, by Oakland Chiropractor Dr. Jordan Fairley
In this video we talk about the #1 Mistake With FOAM ROLLING YOUR IT BAND, what you are experiencing if you have IT Band Pain and how to properly foam roll it.

There’s a reason why you keep foam rolling your IT Band.. and there’s a reason why it keeps hurting!

It’s important to understand what is causing the feeling of IT Band Pain. IT Band Pain is one of the easiest symptoms to help with chiropractic care when you know what is directly contributing to the cause of the pain.

Can Chiropractic Help Arthritis?

Every single day we hear “Doc, I found out I have arthritis”

Well what is arthritis? Osteoarthritis is your body’s natural response to improper movement, if two joints become “stuck” for long periods of time, your body responds by laying down more bone. This decreases the joint space, can lead to bone spurs and increase likelihood of experiencing pain in your neck, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and more.

Well, what if we removed the stimulus that was causing your body to respond that way in the first place? That’s where chiropractic comes in, Oakland Chiropractor Dr. Jordan Fairley explains in this quick video.

Oakland Chiropractor Adjusts 4 Day Old Baby 
Dr. Brett Jones shares with us his findings and detailed chiropractic adjustment for a 4 day old baby.

The Source Chiropractic is a family focused chiropractic office. From our kids playhouse in the front of the office to our affordable family plans we understand the importance of whole families seeking healthy options together, especially seeing pediatrics.

What Is The Best Position To Sleep In For My Spine?

Wake up with hip pain, low back or neck pain?

It could be from how you are sleeping… and chiropractic adjustments might not last as long if we are stressing our spine in an odd position while we are catching some ZZZZZ’s

Oakland Chiropractor Dr. Jordan Fairley shares some ways to accommodate your sleeping position no matter what type of sleeper you are, and what type of aches you might have.

3 Common Reasons People See A Chiropractor
Dr. Brett Jones shares 3 common reasons we hear when people come into our Laurel chiropractic office.

1. I am feeling off 2. I have a need for change 3. I want to feel empowered in my health…

How Sugar Leads To Pain, Sickness, Symptoms and Disease”

“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”

We believe this is absolutely true..

…If you want to have to take a lot of medicine in your lifetime, consuming a lot of sugar is a GREAT strategy!

All of the research the past few years tells us that there is a direct correlation between eating a lot of sugar and increased obesity, inflammation and increase in likelihood and progression of diseases.

When you hear sugar, we want to you to think INFLAMMATION!

Dr. Lance breaks it down in this awesome video

“Mid Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Spine Pain? This Thoracic Mobility Routine is For You!

Whenever you are feeling pain or tension in your mid back try this mobility routine. The Source Chiropractic aims to provide resources for our Oakland Community.

This is perfect to do between your chiropractic adjustments and as a part of your morning routine.

Feel free to share with a friend, or on your social media.

“Feeling MORE CONNECTED to myself, topped some of my medications down with Chiropractic Care in Oakland!

Julie came to the Source Chiropractic in Oakland looking for relief from her neck pain and shoulder pain…

What she got was not only relief from these physical symptoms but what she says as “improvements with her mental health, feeling more in touch with myself, and like meeting myself for the first time!”

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What to Expect After Your 1st Chiropractic Adjustment
Dr. Jordan Fairley shares with us what you can expect after your first artful and specific chiropractic adjustment..

We expect you to see results, we are function based chiropractic office, we measure functional results over time. Can you feel sore? Possibly, depending on the patterns of dysfunction you might be coming in with…

3 Things I Care About As A Chiropractor
1. You know what pain is and where it is coming from.
2. I care about how the pain is affecting your life.
3. I care that you have the strategies in place to meet your needs.

Are you honestly living your full potential currently? If not, I want to talk about how we can help you.

I believe it is this mentality of connecting with people in our Oakland community, finding how we can best support their needs and goals through chiropractic care which helped us be voted Best of Oakland in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

How Do I Know If My Symptoms are From Healing or Sickness?

The truth is you can “feel” symptoms when you are sick/hurt and also when you are healing. So how do I know which one it is, and when it is ok?

Dr. Brett Jones of the Source Chiropractic Oakland, shares the cyclical nature of dis-ease, symptoms which tend to make people feel pain, sick, uncomfortable, fuzzy, less than, in need of a change…

Let’s help create that change.

Addressing the CUASE, to Affect the Effects

At The Source Chiropractic, Oakland, we look to get to the root underlying cause of what is going on in your body. What is causing you to feel a certain way. What is causing you to have a particular type of dysfunction.

Because if we can look to improve your function, we can affect the effects!

Let’s help create that change.

How Chiropractic Adjustments Change Your Brain

Your brain is the master control center for the body, it perceives what is going on in the body and adapts based on the information it is receiving. If there are joints in the body which are not moving properly (not always associated with low back pain, neck pain or other symptoms) it will alter the information to the brain, which eventually leads to brain atrophy (aka shrinking of the brain).

By adjusting areas of the spine which have improper motion you are restoring proper communication to the brain, allowing the brain to change, and improve its communication to the rest of the body.

Let’s help create that change.

My Wish is that People Would Treat Their Spine, as well as they treat their teeth

I love dentists because they taught the world to care for their teeth even when they weren’t in pain. My wish is that people would care for their spine as well as they cared for their teeth.

Your spine houses the most important system in your body…. your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

This is the system which controls and regulates your entire body. If you have areas of your spine which are not moving properly it will alter how your body functions. Low back pain, neck pain, mid back pain, numbness, tingling, altered movement, knee pain, headaches, are all a good clue that something is going on with your spine and pelvis.

But this isn’t always the case, which is why we perform a detailed functional analysis to see peoples current level of function, which is the “cause” to what people are experiencing.

Let’s help create that change.

Health and Healing Comes From The Inside-Out

Where does health and healing come from? The Source Chiropractic in Oakland understands that health and healing comes from the inside-out.

Even if you take prescription drugs to cover up symptoms, have low back pain, neck pain, or headaches… ultimately your body does the healing.

Your body is controlled and regulated by your Nervous System; so how can we make sure the nervous system and body is better able to recognize and adapt to it’s environment? Our Nervous System is encased by our spine, chiropractic is a strategy to help your nervous system and body function at it’s highest level by assessing the function of your spine, and providing chiropractic adjustments to areas which may be causing stress to your system.

But a chiropractor doesn’t do the healing; a chiropractor puts in an impulse, adjustment, to a specific area of dysfunction, thus clearing the potential irritation to the nervous system, so that your body can better adapt and heal itself.

Health comes from the inside out!