3 Common Reasons Why People In Oakland See A Chiropractor

The majority of us have heard about the benefits of chiropractic care for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle cramps, and nerve related issues. However, when we really break it down there are 3 common reasons why people TRULY come into our Oakland office which aren’t typically talked about.

No matter how you break it down 3 of the more common reasons WHY people come into the chiropractic office are…

1. I am feeling off  2. I have a need for change  3. I need to feel empowered in my health…

The chiropractors job is to asses the body, to see if there are any disconnections which may be causing your feeling of being off. By assessing the spine we are essentially making sure we are free from any potential interferences between your brain and body.

Instead of numbing our feelings, ignoring our body’s signals, or being confused about what to do, we can feel empowered in our health when we can recognize the areas in our life which may be causing our body to “Mal-Adapt”.


When the stresses in our life exceed our body’s ability to adapt, we can feel “OFF”, this may present itself through pain, sickness or other symptoms.

When we are able to improve our strategies of health through movement, nourishment, breath, recuperation and chiropractic our body will be better able to adapt to stress, allowing us to feel empowered, to feel more, and to feel the change we have been wanting.

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